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    Advice and thoughts on best approach

      Hoping the community can advise and give an example on the best approach to something Im working on.


      I have a repository, containing several+ tables that I am measuring data quality on. The data quality information is extractable (all of the metadata - attached as a one table in Excel for this example)


      Each table is a set format as in the attachment.



      I need to be able to report on the data over time, the problem is that some of the data will only have 1 instance (one table name occurring once) and some will have multiple instances


      I need to graph all tables with more than one instance of the name over time by date created.



      My questions are


      a) The best way to load this data to make it easy to work with, bearing in mind the way I need to deal with it?

      b) The best way to show the score of the quality at a given period in time ? (quality = Sum ([Passing Rows])/(Sum ([Passing Rows]) + Sum ([Failing Rows]))

      c) any other advice ...


      Thanks in advance