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    Issue with "dual" function and qw 11.20 x64


      i've opened with the new QW 11.20.11718.0 sr1 x64 a qw file developed with QW 11.0 SR2, but I have some issues with the dual() expressions in a bar chart which works fine with 11.0 but don't with 11.2


      For example, I use the following dual expression in the bar chart below in order to generate the labels on the axis (those labels substitute the dimensions labels)


      dual(Attività1&' - ('&Livello&')',min(total<Progetto> [Data Inizio Prevista Attività]))


      Attività1 is a string and comes from the same table of the key field [ID Attività] that is the unique dimension of the bar chart. This is the result in QW11.2:




      With this expression, QW 11.2 shows always the same Attività1 (Livello is also wrong) ,while QW 11.0 works fine. The same happens for the names inside the chart, which are also generated with a dual() 


      Note: If I use the first argument of the above Dual() as a standalone expression:

      =Attività1&' - ('&Livello&')'


      then QW 11.2 shows the correct values


      It seems to me like if it is the dual() function that doesn't work properly in the last 11.2??