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    Condition for expression

      Hi dev people, I´m new to QlikView and I have some problems with expressions.


      What I am trying is to create a pivot table with 2 dimensions and 2 expressions.I want to show only one expression depending on a flag file(Flag_ist), so I am using the conditional feature for expressions.


      1° Problem,


      My flag field is correct, but if I can not use it properly in the Condition for the expression because it returns -1 when the value is true (When it is false, returns 0, so OK). I have checked also my flag field with an if statement and it stills return -1.




      2° Problem


      I change the condition expression.


       //This is not working... I get always sum(sales)
       //This works


      The values I get from the if are correct, sometimes 0 and sometimes 1. The problem now is that the final expression is always used. I can not hide the expression if I use the condition field.



      I can use the second way, but if qlikview has a special field for the condition I would like to use it.




      Thank you very much,,