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    Calcluation ontop of expression

    Bradley Coyne



      i have the following issue;


      i have three companies 000,001,003.


      i run a expression to bring forth a value; I purposely ignore 003 as i want it to be 0 (it carrys into qlikview a strange value that needs to be surpressed.


      sum(if(Bol_ID = '000' or Bol_ID = '001', Aggr(DISTINCT Max(Artikel.Lagersaldo) * Max([Artikel.Vägt inpris]),Artikel.ArtikelNr )))


      everything works fine until i wish to select all three companies to do a consolidation. when i do this i get '0'.


      is there any way i can adjust the code above in the front-end to sum up 000 and 001 and ignore 003 when selecting all 3 companies?