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    Accumulative sum sort-by-dimension problem

      Hi all,

      I've created an accumulated field as shown in the pic 1 to show the %-of-accumulation along the months. Expression is on pic 2. It goes well.



      What I'd like to show is, when a month is selected it'll show the progress/accumulated percentage as in the table shown. However, when i click (sort) by month (dimension), it's not showing the accumulated percentage, but only the division data per month, which make it look like over-budget. See pic 3. I'd like to, when i clicked 'DESEMBER' or month 12, it shows 99.94% instead of 111.16%.


      I've tried aggregation by dimension, rowno(TOTAL), as suggested here and here the result is the same, it can accumulated well in field, but showing not-accumulated-result when sort by dimension. Any idea, please? Thanks for your all concern.