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    Doubt regarding viewing static report

      To create static report I went to Report---> Edit Reports and gave name as STATIC REPORT and dragged few charts to it.



      My issues:


      1. I can see static report under Report, but when I click it , instead of report, I get print page dialogue box. and to view my report I have to take help of print preview. Is it the only option to view report? If not, how can I avoid print dialogue box?


      2. The charts which I dragged are shown in black & white mode in print preview which are actually color charts.


      Please help.

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          Stefan Wühl

          1. I think QV reports are only supposed to be printed ('print' includes anything you can do via a printer driver, like pdf creation), but maybe I misunderstand what you are trying to achieve with a static report. Could you detail this?


          2. I think you can control this via chart properties - colors, deselect 'Use patterns instead colors - when printing'

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              I was just trying the example given in a book- How to make static report..


              So, according to you , there is no way by which we can view our reports apart from print dialogue box?

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  Using the software that comes with QV, I think there is no other way than create a 'print' from your report (again, could be a pdf) and distribute it to your users (in desktop environment, just open the pdf / send to printer).

                  - or use the print preview, as you already said. AFAIK, there is no separate 'Viewer' for those reports.


                  There are some other tools around to create reports which might have different features, search for report, NPrinting or CIA Report Manager in the Market place.

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                Nizam HM

                HI Prasad

                i got the point what u r trying to say while u r dragging the chart to report u r getting the chart in white and black mode in ur reports

                for that in ur reports u have to right click the chart in that item setting is there if u click that one u will go directly to the chart properties ..go tho color tab in that we have use pattern instead of color uncheck (when printing )check box u will .after that u will see the original color in our reports