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    Grouping data in cyclic dimension group

      Hi everyone ,


      I am new to qlikview and I am facing a problem described below:

      I have a cyclic group on dimensions (Category , Sub-Category) . In my chart I have two expression one is sale and other is Total sale.

      Sale                : Sum(Sale)

      Total Sale        : Sum({1} Total Sale)


      I want following result when I select 'A' and Category is on X-Axis:

      Sale(A) : 3

      Total Sale : 78


      But when Sub-Category is on X-Axis it should group data to sub-category:

      Sale(a) : 1

      Sale(b) : 2

      Total Sale(a) : 36

      Total Sale(b) : 42

      Here in place of total sale it gives me 78 , may be it is not grouping data to sub - category so how can I do that in my expression?


      Category     Sub-Category     Sale


      A                        a                  1

      A                        b                  2

      B                        a                  3

      B                        b                  4

      C                        a                  5

      C                        b                  6

      D                        a                  7

      D                        b                  8

      E                        a                  9

      E                        b                  10

      F                        a                  11

      F                        b                  12



      Any help will be highly appreciated.