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    How to filter the same dimension twice in a pivot table?

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to create a pivot table that should contain to dimensions. The first it's called "Warehouses (Destinations)" and the second "Sources". My goal is to develop a Pivot Table like this:




      Considering that the "warehouses" locations can be destination and sources depending on the type of movement. I've designed the following data model:


      Data model.jpg



      In order to create the pivot table, I created to calculated dimensions:

      • The first is: IF(WarehouseType = 'Destination', WarehouseName)
      • And the second: IF(WarehouseType = 'Source',WarehouseName)


      Unfortunately the second dimension shows only Nulls values.


      Can anyone help me to solve this problem?


      Thanks in advance.


      Hugo Romeira

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          Vishwaranjan Kumar

          I think

          uncheck supress null value  in dimension tab.

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              Hi Vishwaranjan,


              Thanks for your reply... But unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem.


              As I said before my problem is that, currently, the second dimension only shows NULL values, and so the supress null values option in the dimension tab is already unchecked (If not, it would supress everything).


              In my understanding, the second dimension expression is being influenced by the set of values available in the first dimension. I mean:

              • The first dimension expression queries for: Warehouses registers with Warehousetype= 'Destination', and so, the result is: Warehouse=A with ID_Warehouse=D01, and Warehouse=B with ID_Warehouse=D02
              • The second dimension queries for: Warehouse registers with Warehousetype='Source' in the set that results from the first dimension, and so shows Null.


              Does anyone knows if there is a way to calculated the second dimension disregarding the first dimension?



              Hugo Romeira