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    Merging sheets together.

      Please help people.


      I have models:

      1. commands.qvw

      2. netstat.qvw

      3. analysis.qvw



      I want to merge these to one .qvw. So far i have created a new qvw with a sheet I have named 'HOME'. I have also added  3 sheets (tabs) namely: 'Commmands'; 'Netstat'; 'Analysis'. Each model consists of 1 sheet.


      On the HOME page I have created 3 buttons with the names of 3 tabs.


      I have managed to link the buttons on the HOME page to the sheets I have created but how do I link the models to the sheets to merge into 1 model?


      Where do i go from here? 

        • Re: Merging sheets together.

          You can only binary a single file in.  In your QVW load script, modify the script to save the exports as qvd files instead of a qvw.  Then in the secord file you can load the qvd files and merge them as needed.  Here is an example.



          In Source file





               SELECT *

               FROM TABLE



          STORE Table_Name into C:\Data\Table_Name.qvd  (qvd);

          In Destination file


          LOAD *

          FROM C:\Data\table_Name.qvd;


          LOAD *

          FROM C:\Data\table_Name2.qvd;

          Once the load is done, save the file as a qvw.  This will bring all of your data into a single file.