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    Separating a range of dates into different sections

      Hi All


      I have a range of "Next Chase Dates" (NCD), some of these will be in the past, i.e. missed, some will be within the 7 days, some 8 - 14 days and some greater than 14 days.


      How do I put the below into the script and give each section a name:-




      If the NCD is less than today then call it “Expired”



      If the NCD is today or within the next 7 days then call it “0 – 7 Days”



      If the NCD  is between 8 days and 14 days greater than today then call it “8 – 14 Days”



      If the NCD is greater than 14 days from today then call it “14 Days plus”



      If there is no NCD then call it “blank”


      thanks in advance