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    Section Access working only locally

    Jakub Szurogajlo

      Hello everyone,


      I am facing strange issue withh QV9 report. I have implemented section access for company report and it works. but only locally.

      When I am publishing it, I can see all data in QV Access point.


      What I've already checked:

      - tickbox for "initial data reduction" is ticked in document properties

      - credentials in data protection section on reload tab in QEMC are properly entered

      - I properly checked "recipient information" field in Distribute -> Loop field in Document.

      - I am doing complete refresh, and then I am putting saved file to Production folder


      I have no other clues unfortunetely.


      I will also paste security implementation, as maybe someone will find problem there:


      UPPER(AccountName) as LOGINID,
      'USER' as AccessT,
      If(IsNull(organization_id) or organization_id='','*',organization_id) as OrgIdT, 
      UPPER(If(IsNull(division) or division='','*',division)) as DivisionT,
      UPPER(If(IsNull(SBU) or SBU='','*',SBU)) as SBUT;
      SQL SELECT *
      Load * Inline
      //Inline is user configured in data protection section on reload tab in QEMC 
      RowNo() as GROUPIDT
      Resident SecurityTable;
      Drop Table SecurityTable;
      star is   *;
      Section    Access;
      LOGINID    as   NTNAME,         
      AccessT    as   ACCESS,    
      GROUPIDT as LINK1,
      GROUPIDT as LINK2,
      GROUPIDT as LINK3         
      Resident   SecurityTbl     ;
      Section    Application     ;
      Load Distinct             
      OrgIdT     as   OrgId_Fltr,          
      GROUPIDT as LINK1         
      Resident   SecurityTbl;
      Load Distinct             
      DivisionT  as   Division_Fltr,       
      GROUPIDT as LINK2         
      Resident   SecurityTbl;
      Load Distinct             
      SBUT as   SBU_Fltr,       
      GROUPIDT as LINK3         
      Resident   SecurityTbl; 
      //OrgId_Fltr, Division_Fltr and SBU_Fltr are links to data shown in report (in other table they are also UPPER CASE)



      I would greatly appreciate all sugestions.