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    Set Analysis - question


      I have a list box with Name, Location, Type.

      I have buttons to select the date range that i want to see the sales for. So i have: CY2009, CUR12MTHS, FY2010.

      I have used Set Analysis to show me sales disregarding any selections formula below:



      ( {1<area>} Amt) - simple straight forward.


      So if i were to make a selection from the list box or pick a date range the numbers would not change because its fixed.

      But i need the numbers to change based on the date range i select, but not if i make a selection in the List Box.

      How can i accomplish this.



        • Set Analysis - question
          Mike Garciam


          Specifying the number 1 will ignore ALL selections made, the set expression to ignore only some fields is as follows:

          {$<Name = , Location = , Type = >}

          That way, your expression will ignore selections made on the fields Name, Location and Type.

          Hope this helps.



            • Set Analysis - question

              Thanks Mike,

              I did something close to that but my expression includes the -1 after the $. Both expressions probably do the same thing just written in a different way.





              sum( {$-1<Name,Location,Type>} Amt )



              Thanks for the response.


            • Set Analysis - question
              Mike Garciam


              According to the Help, your expression does not do the same as the one I suggested:

              sum( {$-1<Product = {"*Internal*", "*Domestic*"}>} Sales )
              returns the sales for current selection, excluding transactions pertaining to products with the string 'Internal' or 'Domestic' in the product name.

              Could you post an example qvw, maybe I canb take a look.