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    Multiple Cross Tables?

      Hello QlikViewGurus.


      I need help from the experts here, since it's been ages since I wrote any script myself.


      I have indata arranged like this:

      ProductSales Price 2012Sales Price 2013Sales Price 2014Sales Volume 2012
      Sales Volume 2013Sales Volume 2014Product Cost 2012Product Cost 2013Product Cost 2014


      So What I want is three different crosstables, I guess.


      Table One


      Sales Price



      Table Two


      Sales Volume,



      Table Three


      Product Cost,



      So how do I do this in a good way? So please help the QV-noob here.  Many thanks in advance


      [Edit]I have attached my file now.


      Best regards,



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          facundo de la cal

          I atach different ways that you can do it, is better you have all in the same table.


          please se qvw atach.


          hope that helps you regards.

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              Big thanks for helping me out, but the problem for me is that I need to keep the format intact. So it need to look like that.


              I tried to load different loads in my attached example but then I need to "clean up" the data. I have attached the files now.


              Isn't there any neat trick to get this to look nice?





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                  CrossTable(RECORD, Data)

                  LOAD Product,

                       [Sales Price 2012],

                       [Sales Price 2013],

                       [Sales Price 2014],

                       [Sales Volume 2012],

                       [Sales Volume 2013],

                       [Sales Volume 2014],

                       [Product Cost 2012],

                       [Product Cost 2013],

                       [Product Cost 2014]



                  (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);




                  LOAD *,

                  Left(RECORD,Len(RECORD) -4)  AS RECORD2,

                  RIGHT(RECORD,4)  AS YEAR


                  Resident RECORD;







                  DROP Table RECORD;