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    Chart Groups data

      Dear QlikView Community,


      I need your help for the following issue.


      I Have a list of material code with warehouse quantity and Price.

      I calculated the TurnOver for each material code with Set Analysis.


      This is the formula:


      (PlantTotalStock=0,0,sum({$<OutboundDeliveryDate={">=$(=AddMonths(date(date#(ReloadTime,'YYYYMMMDDhhmm'), 'DD/MM/YYYY'), -11))<=$(=ReloadTime)"}>}DeliveryQuantity)/Sum({$}PlantTotalStock))


      Now I should create this chart:


      Dimension: Turn Over Value (>0, between 0.01 and 1, between 1 and 2, between 2 and 4 acc.......> 12)

      Expression: sum of TurnOver Value*Price

      For clarification see attached image


      Is it possible or I need to calculate the TurnOver in the script ?

      Thank you