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    Qlikview Document not loading through AccessPoint using external URL



      I have a qlikview document that i need to deploy (Qlikview 11.20). I am able to access the document while trying through localhost URL (http://localhost/qlikview/login2.htm). But when i try to access the document using Servername or IP in the URL it is taking forever to load (http://Servername/qlikview/login2.htm). I see all the objects are loading and a cancel icon on them. My document size is around 30 MB and it is running on a 128 GB RAM. I have set preload option on the document.When i tried using some sample files (of less size 4 MB) that i created i was able to access them easily.


      Not Sure what am i missing as the file size is small.


      Environment Details:


      Windows Server 2012

      Qlikview 11.20