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    Perform Benchmarking in Qlikview



      I am pretty new to all of this, but I am looking to create a dashboard that does some interactive benchmarking. I have 8 companies, and I want to compare (for example) the Net revenue of one company against its chosen peers.


      So when you drill down onto one company, one expression shows the net revenue for that company, and the next expression calculates the revenue for all of the other companies except the one you have selected.


      What I am struggling with is how to define a constant value, so that when you make your selection the expression would just calculate (constNetRevenue - selectionNetRevenue) / numberofCompanies.


      I am currently trialling this on personal edition with no license key, and also the data I am working with is quite sensitive so I cannot really share it!


      Please let me know if this is possible.





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          Hi Joe,


          get acquainted with set analysis.



          SUM( {$} Revenue) will return the revenues for your current selection

          SUM( {1} Revenue) returns the revenues for the whole dataset.


          Depending on what you want you can expand the set analysis accordingly. I guess in your case


          SUM( {1} Revenue)-SUM( {$} Revenue)



          is a good way to start.