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    join table

    Riadh Chaouch

      hi gays ,


      i have 2 fiels
      table1 name = DW

      table2 name = BUDGET


      Field1 name : DW.day

      Field2 name : BUDGET.day


      in the first field i have for exemple : A B and C

      in the second field i have for exemple : A B and D


      I want a third field with : A,  B, C and D.


      So i think thant is with OUTER JOIN.


      so How can i do it ???


      syntax plz.


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          Mark Sheraton


          load * Inline [Day







          JOIN (DW)

          load * Inline [Day







          Your question is not very clear, however you should get away with using just "JOIN" this is a natural join.


          From the QV Reference manual p918:


          An operation that uses two tables and combines them into one. The records of the table

          produced are combinations of records in the two original tables, usually such that the

          two records contributing to any given combination in the produced table have a common value for one or several common fields, a so called natural join. In QlikView, joins

          can be made in the script, producing logical tables. Inner join, Left join, Right join and

          Outer join are all possible operations.

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            You only need a Join! Following example.