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    Authenticity of QlikView thirdparty tools

      I can see a lot of thirdparty utility app for qlikview development is available in the market. Some of them are free, some are paid.

      e.g. QVExcel which integrates QlikView with Microsoft excel,

      QVMailer which enables users to mail QlikView document to other users on demand or schedule basis (kind of distribution task like QVP?),

      several QVD & QVX viewers like QViewer, Q-Eye etc.

      My question is, are all of them trustworthy or we should only go for product which are QlikTech certified? In case they are certified, how to confirm that? Any idea?

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          Dmitry Gudkov

          I'm the developer of QViewer. I don't see why it can't be trustworthy I made it first for myself, because I needed it, then I shared it with other QlikView developers.


          As for potential malware -- it's regularly checked for viruses not only by me but also by many people who download it. You can always verify downloaded file size -- it should be less than 200K or so. Basically, it's so small that any virus would increase its size significantly (up to several megabytes).


          If you have any specific concern on mind - let me know.