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    Retrieve data from database Functions

      Hi All;


      I have a little doubt about Qlikview extraction from FUNCTIONS defined in a database.


      Is QV able to do this? I mean,when we connect to a specific database,the options to include different contents are:Tables,views,synonyms,system tables and aliases.(marked in red).Functions are not defined.



      I have full connection to a databse where some functions are defined,when i try to get data from the function:


      Qv shows an error explainning than he cant find this table or view ( this is true because in not a table or a view)


      So,that my question:

      Is QV able to retrieve data from a database function and if is it,how can i do this?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hi Xabi,


                 Qv not able to retrieve database function, so you can redo functions on script to get the same result.


          I hope to help you

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            Ralf Becher

            Hi Xabi,


            usually a database function works on a record level:


            SELECT function_name([parameter]) AS result_column FROM [TABLE|VIEW];


            Or do you mean PROCEDURES returning a result set?


            - Ralf

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                Hi Ralf,



                This is the function I use.


                CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION DATABASE_NAME.rol_res_mapping

                    RETURN RoleResourceMapSet pipelined


                    entl_rec roleresmapview%rowtype;

                    CURSOR entl_cur


                      SELECT * FROM roleresmapview ;


                      OPEN entl_cur;


                        FETCH entl_cur INTO entl_rec;


                      WHEN entl_cur%NOTFOUND;

                        pipe row(NEW RoleResourceMap(entl_rec.A,entl_rec.B,entl_rec.C,entl_rec.D));

                      END LOOP;

                      CLOSE entl_cur;




                when I run select * from table(rol_res_mapping) in toad,i retrieve 4 fields (A;B;C;D) with the corresponding data.


                Do you know how I can retrieve the same data in QV?Trying to redo this function in QV script?


                Thanks for you help