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    Problem with google maps

    Eduard Cabanas Gili



      I have a google map cluster extension that represents the sale orders into a map. Every order has a zipcode that is linked to another table with the zipcode and lat and longitude.


      The problem is that when the map represent the sales, only represent the unique value, for example:


      salesid         zipcode   latitude    longitude


      1                 08015     4.2365     25.569

      2                 08030     4.98          26.358

      3                  08015    4.2365     25.569


      The map only represents the order 1 and 2, not the 3rd. Because has the same lat and longitude from first.


      I tryied to configure the map properties to change the calculation count(salesid) o sum(salesid) etc, but no changes...


      Any advice?