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    Webtickets and SectionAccess

    Anders Holte



      A client has NTLM/AD authentiation and sectionaccess on a document.

      Now we are trying to use a listbox from this document in another webpage (C#), where the user is already authenticated.

      This is the code:

                          qvObject.QlikViewDocument = "DocName (local)";

                          qvObject.ObjectType = "ListBox";

                          qvObject.ObjectID = "LB1508";


      The user authentication ticket is already fetched successfully and listbox is displayed correctly for a document with the exact same settings but without Section Access. The error I get when doc has section access  is: "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document."


      In this document


      I find this sentence:


      • QlikView needs to be running in DMS mode for security (see manual)


      Does the writer mean security as in 'section access' ?

      I cannot find anything related to this in reference manual or workbench documentation. Please advice.

      If its true that webtickets and SectionAccess doesn't work, please suggest a workaround.


      Perhaps I'm mixing tickets and webtickets?




      /anders holte - bwise

        • Re: Webtickets and SectionAccess
          Pablo Soto

          The webticket security and section access work fine but you must use "NTNAME" field but without field PASSWORD in the section access.


          In the webticket configuration you must use DMS security in QMC.  (System>Qlikview Server> Security> Authorization)


          Users who get the ticket must be authorized to access the .qvw application. (System>User Documents> Authorizations).