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    Identify record/s which is/are present in all periods

      Dear Community,


      I hope you will be able to help me solving a problem - I have searched a lot for a solution but unfortunately I haven't found any.


      I want to count records which are present in all (time) periods, think of this simple table:


      LOAD * INLINE [

          Year, Customer

          2010, A

          2010, B

          2010, C

          2011, B

          2011, C

          2012, C



      If you take a look at this table you'll see that the customer "C" will be present in all years, so in this example a Count Distinct (CustomerID for example) would return 1. I've implemented a static solution which is a combination of 3 intersect set analysis (for current 3 years) but this expression would cause heavy troubles if the user wants to analyze an additional year.

      Do you have any idea how this could be implemented?


      Thanks in advance!