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    Replace Bookmark is not working in server

      Hi All,


      I created a bookmark as 'BM01' and i am updating this bookmark on click of a button. For button i added a replace bookmark action.


      This functionality is working fine in qlikview desktop but after deploying in server, the bookmark is not getting replaced.


      Is there any policy/settigs need to be changed?




        • Re: Replace Bookmark is not working in server

          Once the Qlikview app is published you cannot modify report based bookmarks (or anything else) on that report for use in later sessions - whatever you set the bookmark too it will just be owerwritten the next time the report is loaded from server or refreshed.


          All you can do is create some server bookmarks which will be stored as extra meta data which can be modified by the user by interacting with the QVW , but this needs to be setup on a per user basis.