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    Pivot Table - Check Low-Level Values even when shrinked

      Hi all,

      I have got a Pivot table with several dimensions. My formula shows colored circles according to the following formula:

          if(count(Value)/sum(Value)<1 and count(Value)/sum(Value)>=0.5,'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/led_y.png',

      This works fine. I now need an additional if-clause which checks whether there is a specific number in Value on the lowest level of the data.

      In detail I want to check if one component of sum(Value) is a '3' which means that the picture has to be the red circle even if the count(Value)/sum(Value) is in the range of the yellow one.

      FYI: Value is just 1,2 or 3 which means green, yellow and red on the lowest level in this pivot chart but the formula has to aggregate the values and show new colors there.


      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards!