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    Get Expression Value from Another Object in a Sheet

      Hi QV Experts! ... and Masters


      I have this Segmentation table:

      city segment.PNG

      I got the City from data loading process, and I add the Segment Area column using expression in the table using some calculation.

      =If(Score >= 100, 9, If(Score >= 1000, 8, ...


      Btw, I hid the Score column; which is also get it from data loading process.


      Now I create in the same sheet, a text box object to count "How many cities currently in the Segment Area?" as you can see below:


      textbox segarea.PNG

      It doesn't work the way I want.


      How can I get the count of "How many cities currently in the Segment Area?" and put it in the text box?

      Please help. Thanks in advance!