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    QVS 11 install

    christian juillard

      Hi everybody,


      Last install I did was under V9.

      I know there are some changes then, so Does anybody have the QVS reference manual for V11?

      Or even a short install procedure with major steps not to forget


      Q1: If i install QV Web server, do I have to stop IIS service?

      Q2: Do i have to create "administrator" user before installing or is it created automatically while executing QVS setup?


      best regards


        • Re: QVS 11 install
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Chris,


          The Server Reference Manual is included as a PDF file in the download site. Just log in and grab it, you shouldn't have any issue, but anyway let us know so we can upload it here.


          In version 11, the QlikView Administrators group is created during the installation and the user added to it.


          If you are not going to use IIS as web server, I'd strongly recommend you to remove that role from the Server, otherwise, do not install QlikView Web Server but in the custom installation menu mark "IIS Support Files" to make QlikView work with IIS instead.


          Hope that helps.