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    QVW reloads fine and fast with developer, but never ends with qv server(tasks)

    André de Freitas Tasca



      Anyone ever been through this problem?


      I have a qvw which loads from a oracle db, when i run with QV Developer, it takes around 10 to 13 minutes to complete the reload. But when i try to reload with Management Console, it takes FOREVER.




      There's no error, there's nothing. The log keeps logging "Reloading..." "Slowing down" "Reloading...", it doesn't matter how much time i left it handling the session, 1h, 10h, 24h... it never stops, it never crashes, it never ends!


      Was using the beta version 11.20.11643.0, but i've tried with some older versions too, and nothing changed. Currently using 11.0.11426.0, just because i've think there's nothing to do with the version anymore


      So i started monitoring my qvds folders, sometimes it stops at the firts qvd that have to be stored, sometimes stops at the middle... but always something like 3 or 4 minutes after the start(looking at the date/time created/saved).


      Any clues?