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    Coloring a entry - changing date

      Hello Qlik Community



      I have a small problem and I am pretty sure that you could help me with your QV experience. I have already build the whole .qvw but I need a additional Information out of a Listbox.


      My problem:


      I have a diagramm (looking like a Excel spreadsheet) with Name, Amount ,.. out of a CRM system. I also have the Date when this entry was edited the last time. What I want now is that every entry that wasn't changed since 1 month will be colored in a specific colour.



      Last change in the Entry: 2013-31-01 18:30:12    Today: 2013-30-04 20:00:12   Now I want that this entry is colored in a specific colour.


      I hope that you can help me with my problem. I am happy about every hint that you can give me.



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          Stefan Wühl

          Try an background color attribute expression (which you can edit on dimension and expression tab when clicking on the small plus sign next to e.g. the expression label).


          something like


          =if( Date <= addmonths(today(),-1), lightred() )


          If your date is not unambiguous per your dimension, try


          =if( max(Date) <= addmonths(today(),-1), lightred() )