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    Test Server Install

    Gerald Schooten

      Hello Everybody,


      I have a question regarding the installation of a complete Qlikview 11.20 SR1 Environment . The environment will hold a Qlikview SBE server and a Qlikview SBE Test Server (licenses already available).


      Now the question is, how do i install them?

      • Do i need two identical machines Windows 2008 R2 machines and install the install the Qlikview SBE Server on the first and then install the Qlikview SBE Test Server on the second machine? Or do i need to clone the first server?
      • How will they connect with each other?
      • Is there a walkthrough for the two installations anywhere, i couldn't find it with the searchbox?
      • Are there any problems that i could run into?


      Hope you can help me out here.


      Kind Regards,



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          Rob Wunderlich

          It will be like your first scenario. You will build two seperate Windows machines and install Qlikview on each. The machines will not communicate with each other and they will not share files.



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              Ian McGivern

              Hi Gerald,


              As usual, Rob is correct. The test server is not a server as in the context of two domain controllers mirroring an active directory for instance.


              What the test server licence allows you to do is have another QV Server instance and a copy of the types and amount of CALS. Also if you have a publisher licence you will be able to use it on both.


              I'm not sure why you got a test server, but usually it is to create a Test (for UAT and/or System Testing) environment.


              In that case you would not want your Production Server "talking" to your Test Environment.


              From your question it sounds like you have a choice on hardware / VM's. Personally I would create the same setups, because you are creating an environment to mimmic what you have in production.


              Again, that is under the assumption you are using it for the purpose as I described.


              Hope this helps.

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              David Cheung



              You can apply your Test Server License to any machine, it does not have to be identical specification to your production.


              Make sure within the Test Server License Key you will have the word ' TEST_EDITION; YES;;'


              Make sure within the Test Server License Key you have the user license count in the key;


              • NUMBER_OF_DOCUMENTCALS;xx;;
              • NUMBER_OF_USERCALS;xx;;


              xx is the number of users you have in your production key


              Once you have the key, simply apply the test server just like you do with your production.


              I have had occassion, the LEF file did not contain the correct user cal and doc cal information, this was the only problem that I had for the Test Server.


              Hope this helps.



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                Gerald Schooten

                Yes, that did helped me a few months back.


                No i also have a small question regarding this matter:

                For example:

                You have one NT domain. Is it possible to run a Test server and a Production server in one NT domain? So that you can develop on the Test server with the license lease of the Production server.


                Many Thanks,


                Kind regards,


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                    David Cheung

                    Hi Gerald,


                    Not sure if this will answer your questions.


                    If you install a Desktop client for local development, and you have a Production and a Test Server.


                    You will need to connect to the Production Server to 'lease' a license for your Desktop client. Once you have leased this, the text on the desktop will change from Personal Edition to 'leased from...'


                    When the Desktop client is unlocked, you can develop how ever you want and You do not need to have both machine on the same domain.


                    We have client with both cases, where Test and Production is on the same domain and some with Test and Production on different domain. The latter is where you have the need to separate where developer/tester works to where the production sits.


                    To deploy between Test and Production, we normally suggest to our client that 'No Hardcoding' within the code, so that when a tested qv application is ready for deployment, it can be packaged according to the client deployment procedure control.


                    'No Hardcoing' means, things like connection string, folder and paths are controlled by a control setting files and so on...


                    Hope this helps answer your question.