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    How to make same filter single select on one sheet and multi select on another sheet

      Hi everyone ,


           I have a filter "Year" on two sheets , I want to make it multiselect on one sheet where as single select on other sheets , I have written these macros which I am running over sheet activation , "makeYearSingle" where I want to make year single select and "makeYearMultipleSelect" where I want to make it multiselect , but they are not working , can anyone address the problem ???




      Sub makeYearSingle

                set sheet=ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet

                set objProperties=sheet.GetSheetObject("LB19").GetProperties


      End Sub



      Sub makeYearMultipleSelect

                set sheet=ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet

                set objProperties=sheet.GetSheetObject("LB11").GetProperties


      End Sub