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    Storing results of formulas into qvd files

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I don't know if this can be done at all: I would like to store the most important figures calculated in a document into qvd files (just one result per day) so I can build a new management-superstructure loading those qvd files and just displaying them in a gauge or something.

      Can I write such a command into the script? If so, what do I have to keep in mind doing that? The first time I tried, I typed like


      >>  STORE sum(Actual - Goal) into QVD\Res_shipped.qvd;  <<


      QlikView did recognize the fieldnames (they went reddish), but then it said "FROM wrong" - but I was not building a LOAD statement? I don't think I can reference the formula names, QlikView never seems to recognize those?

      Can anyone lend me a hand here?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,