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    Sort issue with bar chart and display results in "=Day & ' - ' & Month"

      My default date format = DD-MMM-YYYY (01-Jan-2010.


      I Have a Calendermaster table with:

      %Calenderday (DD-MMM-YYYY)


      Month (Jan-Dec)




      Now i want to show my result in a bar chart with "=Day & ' - ' & Month" between a date. This is working so far. But now i have a problem with Sorting the results.


      On default i get these results:



      i tried expression sorting on "=Day".

      This works when there is not a bigger timespan selected then 1 month. But when there are more months selected, you see the results like this



      I also tried sorting on "=Day & ' - ' & Month" But then i get results like this



      I even tried sorting on %Calenderday. But then the results look like this



      Some advice is welcome here


      Thanks a lot!