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    Excluding values set analysis

    Davide Ducco


      I don't be able to use the set analysis to retrieve excluded values.


      I have the following table:

      F_agg =if(F_agg='Other',null(), F1) FirstSortedValue({$<F2-={""}>}distinct F2,F4) concat(DISTINCT F2, chr(10))
      Best A pippo pap pippo pluto
      B pippo cip paperone pippo pluto
      C ciop ciop minni pippo pluto
      pippo ciop cip minni pap paperone pippo pluto


      In the first column I get the first value of F2 order by F4.

      In the second column I get the list of F2 values.


      I want a third column that visualize all F2 values except for the first value (in example A, the column must contain all values except for 'pippo').

      I try with set analysis but without success.

      I attach my application file.


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance.