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    Ajax client issue - Do not show chart

      Hi All,


      I have very specific issue related to Ajax client. We are using Qlikview version 11 servers and when i access my application deployed on server using Ajax client, after few clicks on selection list boxes my charts do not get displayed, which were getting displayed earlier.

      I have attached screen shots. My selections are on top of the chart (AjaxClientIssue1.jpg). Each selection has different chart associated with it.

      When i open my application first in Ajax and select 'Share' and go down to '% Impactable Business' by selecting each option one by one, all associated charts comes up but if i do it frequently, it stops displaying the chart at some time. Even if i wait for 15 mins or so, the chart doesn't come up which was coming in 1-2 sec earlier.


      This issue is not coming in IE plugin.


      I am not sure what is the reason behind it, as the code is correct and running in Personal Edition and IE Plugin.

      Am i missing any configuration for Ajax client?


      Looking forward for your expert comments.



      Anosh Nathaniel