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    Things NEVER to do when developing in QV - is there a document?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I just made a very annoying experience, that is why I wonder if there is such a thing as a collection of pitfalls to avoid when developing.


      In my instance, I just found out that it's a VERY BAD IDEA to implement a trigger automatically running the script upon opening a document and then trying out something new in the script. It resulted in desaster just now: I implemented an error, which was run and encountered every time I opened the document, too fast to stop or cancel script execution. The effect was that QlikView reported an error and did not open the document and every second time it crashed altogether.

      I had to revert to a version of the document a few days old and redo all the changes I had implemented since. Luckily, it cost me only just over an hour, but it's annoying enough.


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          Stefan Wühl

          I am not aware of a dedicated document that describes something like this, but to add one of these pitfalls to this thread, so it maybe can evolve to this document:


          Be careful when using any function that may keep you out of your own document, namely section access.

          Always create a copy of your document before adding section access to the application.


          [and QV helps you with creating copies, when you acitvate the backup option on Save tab in user preferences]