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    Count number of sold Items in Action price period

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello QlikViewers,


      I have a challenge (for me) that I can not  figure out.

      This is my situation.


      In my QlikView model I have a Fact table with all my transactions.

      As a dimension I have the Item table.

      As a dimension to that Item table I have a table with all the price changes for certain items for certain periods.


      So I have an Item with a unit price of 100.

      This item is several times in the facttable because it is sold multiple times.


      In my price change table there is a start date and a End date where the price was not 100 but 75 (because of a action or phase out).


      I want to visualize how many times is that item sold between the price change start date and price change end date.

      So how many times is that item sold for 100 and how many times is that item sold for 75.


      I hope somebody can help me.


      Thx in advance.