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    How can i get the needed values

    Kristian König



      attached the file where i have the problem. The problem is i need to Display all Sales IDs where "Promet" >300. The problem is, one SalesID can have more Invoice IDs (f. ex. Sales ID 855175), but this is ok because the Total Promet amount is still >300.


      Sales ID 868664 has 358.68 BUT there was a money return (Sales ID 868686) in the same amount that is "binded" on the similar Invoice ID 17718-05-01.


      Now i have 2 versions and i hope you can help me to get at least one working:


      1. THE PROBLEM table shows Invoice IDs: 855175, 868688 with Promet. Table "Kalkulacija" shows Promet and Br. specifikacija(the total number from table THE PROBLEM


      2. THE PROBLEM table stays the same but in "Povrat" should stay in line (Sales ID 868664) the amount of -358.68 (result of Sales ID 868686)


      I hope somebody can help me. thank you in advance.