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    flag/marker set by user-trigger/macro

    Thorsten Schröder

      Hello community,


      hope I landed in the right section.


      I have to deal with the following user request:


      There are several departments which send in reports for each week (these get imported to the db).

      Now, one key user checks the whole qlikview report for missing or wrong data each week. For examle one department's data is missing this week or put in wrong information.

      If everything is fine he wants to set some sort of flag (checkmark) indicating that the qlikview report for this specific week (over all departments) has been checked, so that he can then inform other users that they can now work with the data (printing, etc.). Basically a green checkmark vs. a red alert image for each week.


      So, I believe I need some sort of "user trigger" to update the qlikview document but how and where could I store the flag information?

      How would you solve this request?  Maybe it's a common task but I couldn't find any information on it. All I can think of is a stored procedure modifying a table record but maybe there is a better (easier) way, perhaps directly inside Qlikview with the help of macros.


      Hoping for your ideas.


      Thanks for you help,