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    Expression in sort order disturbed when filtering on dimension and using set analysis.



      I have a QlikView app where I want to visualize Sales by Markets. But some markets are prioritized and have to be sorted by a special order. So I have created a SortOrder on the Markets and in my charts I use expression sort and set it to =SortOrder. And at first glance it looks nice. But if I start to click around and filter in my app, my expression sort does not work as expected.


      Please see my attached example app. In the main figure I _always_ want to see sales for the markets C, B and A. In that order. But if I filter on Prioritized = N in the list box, I see markets A, B, C.


      If I click on Prioritized = Y, the top figure is correct, on the bottom left bar chart, my prioritized markets is put at the end.


      The bottom right bar chart always seem to have the correct sorting, but have a simple expression Sum(Sales).


      The two charts that get wrong sorting, have expressions =Sum({$<Market, Prioritized={'Y'}>} Sales) and =Sum({1}Sales). So to me this seem to be an issue when using set analysis combined with expression sort.


      Any ideas on how to implement this functionality. The figure with only prioritized markets (Sum({$<Market, Prioritized={'Y'}>} Sales) are the most important. Any help appreciated!



      Tom Arne Sivertsen