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    Set Analysis Date range

      Hi All,


      I need to get the sum of sales for date range between x to y date. My Expression look like this


      =(sum({$<PROMOTION_CODE=,PROMOTION_NAME=,STYPE_KEY={2},SALES_DATE = {">=$(=date(max(SALES_DATE)-21))<=$(=date(max(SALES_DATE)-1))"}>}DAY_SLS_ACT_BC))



      I checked in header whether the date parameter is passing or not,


      =(sum({$<PROMOTION_CODE=,PROMOTION_NAME=,STYPE_KEY={2},SALES_DATE = {">=20/02/2013<=12/03/2013"}>}DAY_SLS_ACT_BC))



      But i'm get the sum as "0". Please help me to identify where i'm wrong in this expression


      Thanks in advance,