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    Question on clustering



      I'm going to release a QlikView cluster based on two different server (QVS) and one Publisher.

      I'm going to use an hardware NLB to balance client requests.


      My question is about the source document location that should basically reside on a Windows Share e.g. a windows base NAS.

      If I'm going to store there all my documents when a client asks for a document this will be transferred over the network (from NAS to the QVS) before loading it into the server memory.

      It can take a lot of time, depending on the QVW size.


      On a 10/100 Lan it can result on a high latency response for the client.

      How you usually manage this kind of issue ?

      How it is possible to maximize perfomances ?


      The server version is 11 SR2.


      Thanks a lot for you answer