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    Loading multiple expressions whitin a Field

    Damian Spyra

      Hi there!


      i've a simple inline table in my load script:


      LOAD * INLINE [

      Id, Name, Expression,

          1, NAME 1, "Count({ $<MASTER_GERM_SHORT={'Klebsiella pneumoniae ( ESBL-Stamm )'}> } distinct ID)"

          2, NAME 2, "Count({ $<MASTER_GERM_SHORT={'Klebsiella pneumoniae'}> * <MASTER_ATB_NAME_RES={'Piperacillin-R'}> } distinct ID)"

          3, NAME 3, "Count({ $<MASTER_GERM_SHORT={'Klebsiella pneumoniae'}> * <MASTER_ATB_NAME_RES={'Piperacillin-S'}> } distinct ID)"

          4, NAME 4, "Count({ $<MASTER_GERM_SHORT={'Klebsiella pneumoniae'}> * <MASTER_ATB_NAME_RES={'Piperacillin-I'}> } distinct ID)"



      so, i'm loading a column, which contains different expressions. What i'm intend to do is to compute/include this expresions in a table, so that every single row is computes different expresson. So that's the goal. The current state look's like that:



      My problem is, how can i assign the expression like SET with a variable, so that i get a result from a expression and not expression itself.



      Thanks for Ideas!!!