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    How to build a sum by using multiple criteria

      Dear all,


      I'm totally new to QlikView an wondered if there is a workaround that is like SUMIFS-command by Excel.


      I have a tablle with the following columns date, cashflow, buy/sell, person, location. product


      I would like to define two new series' that contain contain either the positiv or negative cashflows per day overall persons and locations.


      Can you give me an advice how to draw this up?


      Thanks in advance




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          Raphael Pacheco


          Can you post an example?

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              assume the following table:


              Date                   Value                     In/Out                            Person

              01.01.2013         1000                     In                                   Max

              01.01.2013         2000                     In                                   Carl

              01.01.2013           500                     Out                                Tim

              01.01.2013           200                     Out                                Max

              02.01.2013           100                     Out                                Tim

              03.01.2013           300                     In                                   Paul   


              What I would like to generate is a table as follows


              Date                    Value_In                 Value_Out

              01.01.2013          3000                      700

              02.01.2013          0                            100

              03.01.2013          300                         0



              So my intention is to define to new variables that represent each one of the both columns "Value_In" and "Value_Out".