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    Aggregation to get the rank?



      I have the following data:



      LOAD * INLINE [

      Shop, Group, Product, Sells

      Darty, Clothes, Socks, 0

      Darty, Clothes, Shirts, 0

      Darty, Hi-Fi, TV, 100

      Darty, Hi-Fi, Camera, 200

      Carrefour, Clothes, Socks, 100

      Carrefour, Clothes, Shirts, 100

      Carrefour, Hi-Fi, TV, 5

      Carrefour, Hi-Fi, Camera, 10

      Auchan, Clothes, Socks, 200




      If I look for each Product, I can make a rank of the sells by Shop:



      Now, what I want is the following thing:

      - I select a Shop

      - I have a chart (straight table) that make a list of each Product and says "for this product, the selected Shop is ranked X".



      - I select "Carrefour"


      Camera : 2

      Shirts : 1

      Socks : 2

      TV : 2



      - I select "Auchan"


      Camera : 3

      Socks : 1




      I've played with aggr distinct / nodictinct, rank, total, separated dimensions, ... but without success.


      It may be simple but my brain is gone too far.



      Do you have any idea of how I could get my chart?


      ps : I don't want to pre-calculate the rank in my script, beacause I have many others fields as selections.