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    Qlikview Server cannot connect to Sharepoint via owssvr.dll

      Dear Qlikview users,


      I am developing an application using Qlikview that needs to get the data from a sharepoint list. After succesfully creating the linkages and building the application on my work laptop, i have decided to move it to a Qlikview server (running 11.2) so it can be accessed by the requested people.


      The connection is made using owssvr.dll and then using the List ID and the View ID. (i can provide more information if needed)


      The problem that i am experiencing is the following:

      The application is not able to connect to the sharepoint list from the Qlikview server. The Server is running Win Server 2008 R2 and Qlikview 11.2. When i try to run it through Qlikview Management Console, i get the "Access denied" error.


      28/05/2013 13:44:42:       Error: Access is denied.

      28/05/2013 13:44:42:       General Script Error
      28/05/2013 13:44:42:       Execution Failed
      28/05/2013 13:44:42:      Execution finished.


      I have read on forums and here on the QlikCommunity, and i have granted full access for the server users to the share-point list.


      Did any of you stumble upon the same issue before? Any ideas / feedback are highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Kind regards,