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    Join a sales row to the previous purchase row

      Hi all


      I have two SQL Dtabase Tables: Sales and Purchase


      The  Saels tables contains data about the sales and it has these columns:


      (columns with sample data)




      S1, Product1, 10,  10, '10/10/2010'



      The Purchase table contains data about the Purchase of products:


      (columns with sample data)




      P9, Product1, 8,  20, '15/10/2010'

      P11, Product1, 7,  10, '09/10/2010'

      P12, Product1, 9,  20, '01/10/2010'



      in Qlikview I want to load a table which contain the Sales Lines with an extra column containing the PurchasePrice of the previous purchase.



      For example in the scenario above the result will be






      S1, Product1, 10,  10, '10/10/2010',7



      because 7 is the purchase Price of the previous purchase .


      Any idea?