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    Grey few data

    Revathy Ashokan

      Hi PPl


      Please help me in the below senario.


      I have a field Country with 3 rows say(UK,US,SEWDEN). I want the output in such a way that while showing in list box i should have all the data but "UK" should be in excluded state(Grey) ie. i should not select UK.


      This should be done in back end only... Any possibilities...? Please help...




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          Juan Vitantonio

          This is driven by data.


          You should have your Fact table and your dimension table with the countries. For examples:



          LOAD * INLINE [

              CountryID, Value

              FR, 5

              IT, 4




          LOAD * INLINE [

              CountryID, Name

              UK, United Kingdom

              FR, France

              IT, Italy



          In this case, in your fact table you don't have values for UK, so if in a list box you show your CountryID or Name, you'll see UK excluded.


          I hope this helps.

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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            You cannot have excluded values if there are no selections. That means the other values must be selected.

            You can use the OnOpen document trigger to add two actions. The first is a Select in Field action that selects UK and the second action is a Select Excluded action. This way on opening the document all values other than UK will be selected and UK will be excluded. But pressing the Clear button will undo the selections again. You could of course make the selections manually once and then Lock the field.