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    Section Access does not work with user groups

      Hi there


      I'm trying to use section access but I don't manage to make it work. Every user group should have exactly one possible selection out of three. All other selections shall be hidden.


      I defined user groups on the server and added them in QMC > Users > Section Access Management like this:

      NTNAME                  ACCESS

      Server42\Group1         USER

      Server42\Group2         USER

      Server42\Group3         USER

      Server42\AdminGroup     ADMIN


      Each group has several users, e.g.

      Group 1: Bob, Alice

      Group 2: John, Max

      Group 3: Ernie, Bert

      AdminGroup: Chuck, BOFH


      The user which is used to run the publish task in QMC has been added under Add users... to give him admin rights.


      I've added the following coding to my script:

      Section Access;


      FROM [http://Server42:4780/QMS/AuthTable]

      (html, utf8, embedded labels);


      Section Application;

      STAR IS *;

      LOAD * INLINE [

           NTNAME, Selection

           Server42\Group1, Select_1

           Server42\Group2, Select_2

           Server42\Group3, Select_3

           Server42\AdminGroup, *



      I've activated Settings > Document Properties > Opening > Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access.


      If I choose Strict Exclusion all users get the message that the file cannot be opened (obviously because it doesn't find a matching Selection), if I untick Strict Exclusion we see all possible Selections.

      I've created a table with NTNAME and Selection in QV and all the matches are shown like I want them. It seems that QV isn't able to link the user who opens the QV (in Web Access Point) with the group he belongs to.


      The only other thing I do in the script is a binary load, which has to be in line 1 (otherwise it doesn't work).


      Has anyone got an idea what I did wrong or is it just not possible to use user groups for section access?


      Hope you can help.