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    Execute cmd.exe works on one publisher but not another why?

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi gentlemens,

      I have attached a very small script that checks if a folder exists and if it doesn't it creates the folder using

      execute cmd.exe /Q /C mkdir ^"$(vL.FolderName)^" ;


      Nothing special with that.

      Assigning a task to the QV-document and reloading it results in the folder being created in one publisher installation (QV11) but not in another (QV10).


      I really must have it to work in the QV10 installation.

      The only thing I could think of was the account running the QV-distribution service did not have the proper rights on the second installation so I made sure that user was allowed to create a folder in the specific folder where the qvw-file is stored but no folder was created anyway.

      Nothing is written in the document-log and the script just moves on without any errors.