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    Bug in CopyTextToClipboard

      Using the QlikView API seems to produce erratic results. I'm making this call, which should be pretty simple;




      If I'm in the script module editor and click "Check" it works just fine and copies the data from the Table control to the clipboard. If I place a button on my screen with an action of "Run Macro" is does not work. Is there a trick to make this work like it should? I'm starting to see the API portion of QV is not very reliable.



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          Eduardo Alexandre




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            A couple years ago, we had large pastes causing a QlikView export to Excel to choke.


            We discovered that if the end user already had another instance(s) of Excel running when using the CopyTableToClipBoard function, Excel didn't do its normal initialization and would not flush the Office 24page Clipboard.  (Which is separate from the single page System clipboard.)  So large pastes would choke if the Office Clipboard was already populated data from earlier copy/paste operations.


            We also found that the vb command to clear the Office Clipboard was not reliable nor was the workaround  of pushing 24 single cell clips.


            We fell back to requiring users to close Excel before exporting.


            Perhaps there is a better way?